Fort Worth Batbusters Flores – Team Policies

Last Revised – 8/11/2017

The following outlines the Fort Worth Batbusters Flores Team Policies (hereafter referred to as “team”):

Playing With Other Teams

Any participation with another softball team requires verbal or written approval from Coach Cynthia.

Bleacher Coaching

During practices and games, parents should use positive language to cheer on and encourage their daughters. Coaching and/or negative language criticizing the players, whether it’s your daughter or another player will not be tolerated. Additionally, unless your daughter is injured, please do not come onto the field during practices or games. Similarly, unless there is an injury do not come talk to or coach your daughter in the dugout or on-deck circle during games. Communication with the umpires, opposing coaches, our pitchers, catchers, and defensive players needs to be done by the coaches only.

Please talk to Coach Cynthia after practice or games if you are seeing something that needs to be addressed, but do not attempt to correct your daughter while we are practicing or playing. This includes calling pitches, attempting to change defensive alignment, or anything else that would interfere with what the coaches are teaching during the games. This is very distracting to the team, and makes coaching difficult.

The team has a Three Strike Policy on these issues: 1st occurrence = written warning; 2nd occurrence = Fort Worth Batbusters Board of Directors notification; 3rd occurrence = removal from team.


All practices are mandatory and should be treated as such. If you will miss practice, please provide a 24 hour notice by contacting Coach Cynthia. Missing practice can contribute to playing time decisions as the preparation we do each practice is important to the development of the team. Players should arrive at practice at least five minutes early to prepare for our warm up/stretch period which will start on time. If you will be late please let Coach Cynthia know as we script our practices by the minute and will need to make adjustments based on numbers. Our practice attire will be all-black (black jerseys, black pants, black belts, black socks).


Pre-game warm-up begins one-hour before our first tournament game. This is often early in the morning on a Saturday, but it’s imperative that we begin together as a team. Since line-ups are determined during our warm-ups, late arrivals could have playing time affected or typical positions altered.

Payments are Non-Refundable

All payments made to the team are NON-REFUNDABLE. Any positive cash balance in the team checking account at the end of a season will remain team funds and be used for the next season(s).

100% Financial Transparency

The team utilizes online accounting software to collect dues, record expenses and provide 100% financial transparency. Parents of team members can login to the online accounting system and see all the money that goes in and out of the team checking account.